More grooming in K-Country; Shaganappi is groomed; Confed parking

Trails groomed on Nov 6

The Ribbon Creek Live Grooming report indicates that Bill Milne, Wedge Connector, Troll Falls and Hay Meadow were groomed yesterday(Nov 6). 

Remarks from the trail report:

Nov 7 A nice early season snowfall has blanketed most of the area with 10 to 30cm of new snow. Trails groomed prior to Nov 3 have about 4cm of new snow over a groomed base. Caution is advised on all lower trails due to a thin base and lots of early season hazards.

Bill Milne Bill Milne was roller packed on Nov 6. The base is still very thin expect to hit pavement with pole tips. Wedge connector is roller packed with good snow coverage,

Note: Skogan Pass is trackset above the High Level jct to the top of the Pass. Skogan Loop is also trackset both are in very good early season condition. Skogan Pass Trail is very thin below Ruthies Jct caution is advised.

West Bragg Creek

Update from WBCTA Groomer Jeff: 

Although the GBCTA is still waiting for permission to resume its activities in West Bragg, our counterparts at Parks have been gracious in roller packing a number of our trails for us. They include but are not limited to Iron Springs, Sundog, Elbow, and Crystal Line. Base is thin and natural hazards exist but lots of people are enjoying the snow with rock skis. Have fun out there and hope to see you on the trails soon!

Shaganappi Golf Course

The Calgary Ski Club website has been updated with the latest trail report on Shaganappi Golf Course. Below is an excerpt from the report. You can read the entire report here. It’s also on the Main Menu under “Trail reports.”

Confederation Golf Course parking

Entrance to Confederation golf course

If you go to Confed and encounter locked gates(pictured above), don’t despair. As you can see in the photo, there’s a wide enough gap to allow skiers to pass through on foot. Parking is available on the street just outside the gates and fence. Don’t park on the north side of Collingwood Dr because it is restricted to residents and is signed accordingly. The location of Confederation Golf Course is 19 St NW and Collingwood Dr. 

Update Nov 8: The parking lot will not be open to vehicles ’til further notice. For further details, read the comment from Foothills Nordic Ski Club predsident MichelleD below. 


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  1. We are so lucky to have this.Thank you Foothills Nordic SC and City of Calgary!!!

  2. For those with questions about Confederation: the early snow is FABULOUS! BUT Foothills is just getting organized to roll out another season. Confederation Park is the City’s latest closing golf course, and golfers were still whacking balls around the course on October 29. Our dedicated volunteers have moved equipment in but we need some other things in place before the parking lot can open – we will communicate those details as we have them. Parking should be available for more hours this year.
    PLEASE RESPECT COMMUNITY RESIDENTS and try not to park on community side streets. There is ample parking at Canmore Park and along 19 St.

    MichelleD is president of Foothills Nordic ski Club. -Bob

  3. So why is the Confederation Park parking lot open 4pm to 9pm? What about daytime skiing?

    • From what I’ve been told it is because the city won’t let the parking lot be open without it being attended. Foothills provides volunteers to have it open during their programs that run in the evenings. I think it is because there isn’t fencing between the parking lot and the golf course so the city is worried about people joy riding on the golf course but I’m not 100% sure that is the reason.

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