Skiing news Nov 29, 2017

Canmore Nordic Centre:

Conditions are great on the 2.5K of trail which are skiable. Peter even used wax on his classic skis but with fairly sticky VR55 he was only getting marginal grip. Best grip for classic skiing would be the dreaded klister, skin skis or zeros. I don’t think fish scales would grip very well on the icy tracks.

Which ski should I choose today?

Paul refreshed the corduroy around 2 pm with the snowcat. As Peter skated up the hill on the fresh grooming, I could hear him shout “Beautiful!”

The natural snow trails are icy and not skiable right now.

Keep an eye on CNC’s trail report for updates about upcoming events. Alberta Cup this weekend, Dec 2,3 and the big IPC Para Nordic World Cup Dec 7-18. 

Peter heads up the hill on fresh grooming

The South Korean IPC World Cup team was out in full force today, practicing for the upcoming event. That’s who all the skis belonged to. 

Lake Louise

Conditions must be terrific in Lake Louise with the new snow and all the tracksetting. Lots of grooming occurred today by both the Chateau’s Heritage Guides and by Parks Canada. I’m not really sure who did Upper Tramline, all that matters is that it’s been done.

Parks Canada:

GENERAL CONDITIONS:We have received 15 cm of new snow in 24 hrs!
Nov. 29 – Moraine lake Rd & Great Divide 1A : skate lane & track set classic
Nov. 29 – Lower & Upper Tramline : track set classic
Nov. 29 – Bow River Loop, Townsite and Campground half-loop: track set classic
Nov. 27 / 28 – Pipestone trails machine packed

Upper Lake Louise trails by the Heritage Guides:

Their trail report was the same as yesterday’s with this exception: 

Upper Telemark and Peyto Trails (#5&#7): DOUBLE TRACKSET! Nov. 29. Still has some twigs poking through, but for November it’s skiing really well.

Highwood Pass. Photo by Chip

I’m hoping we’ll get a trip report from PLPP. Still no sign of any new grooming according to the Live Grooming Report. 

Last chance for Highwood Pass. The barrier on Hwy 40 closes on Dec 1, so Chip is going back tomorrow for one last ski. From the looks of the photo, I can see why. Read all about it on Chip’s Backcountry report and see more photos.

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