Weekend update

This early in the season, I like to keep reminding readers to click on the Trip Reports tab on the main menu to see what’s transpiring. Today, it’s only 7 pm, and we’ve already got reconnaissance on Ribbon Creek, Bill Milne, Cascade Valley, Great Divide, and West Bragg Creek. Thanks to Pete, TC, Chip, Tawny, Mary Ann and Miles for the reports, and to anyone who posts a future report. 

Andie enjoyed skate skiing at Confederation golf course today

Great news on the Great Divide

Miles Tindal provided the welcome news on the trip reports that the Great Divide at Lake Louise has been groomed and trackset:

“Happy to be the second car in the parking lot at the Great Divide trail this morning. Fresh grooming and tracksetting this morning all the way to the Lake O’Hara Trailhead and back.”

Meg and Dom at Confederation golf course

Confederation Golf Course

I didn’t ski today, but I stopped by the Confederation golf course to take a few pictures and check on the condition of the snow. I ran into Andie who reported good conditions for skate skiing and little if any deterioration of the snow from the sunny, warm weather. 

Meg and Dom were classic skiing and having success with red wax. Near the trailhead, the snow looked to be preserved remarkably well considering it was +5°C. Monday appears to be the only other warm day on the horizon after which it cools down considerably. The Weather Network predicts 2-4 cm of snow for Lake Louise tomorrow and a high of -1. 

The price of success

This blog has become so popular, and is getting so much traffic, that my web host, WP Engine,  is increasing my hosting fees. Considerably. They say I need 20 gigs(whatever that means). I can’t complain about the service from WP Engine as they are an excellent host and it’s important to keep things running smoothly. When I first revamped the blog in 2011, it was loading very slowly. My cheapo webhost at the time wasn’t doing the job. 

With that in mind, I’d like to thank everyone for their donations toward the upkeep of this website. I’ve had amounts from $5 to $500 sent by you, my esteemed readers and there are lots of new names on the list of people who have made donations. Thanks!

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