Welcome to November

“We accumulated 10cm of high-moisture content snow overnight, here in Canmore.” -Ray Perrott on Wed Nov 1, 8:30 a.m.

“15cm of new here at Kananaskis Village. Not skiable yet but with a another good snowfall rock skis could come out.” – Tracksetter Jeff(Ribbon Creek) Wed Nov 1, 10:00 a.m.

It looks like we could be off to a good start.

Although this snowfall warning isn’t in effect for Lake Louise, some snow is expected in that area, and as we know, it doesn’t take much to get a good track going on Moraine Lake road.

Yesterday I contacted Jeff Hearnden, the person in charge of ski trail grooming in Lake Louise for Parks Canada, asking when grooming/tracksetting activity will begin, snow permitting…

“Tracksetting staff start on Nov. 2nd. I can’t confirm the actual date grooming activities will commence…snow is in the forecast and colder temps..wait and see. The Tracksetters will communicate all updates to the Parks Info Centre here in LL. when the work is completed.”

Welcome back!

I’d like to welcome everyone back to the blog for another ski season, and I look forward to seeing everyone on the trails soon!

If you’re new here, the most popular page to check is Trip Reports. Also popular on days like today will be the Web Cams page. The Resources tab would also be worthwhile to look into. 

What’s New

You may have noticed the header now says “SkierBob.” I’ve decided to end the identity crisis and finally lay to rest the “SkiHere” title. The only vestige of “SkiHere” will be on my toque. For those of you who still have SkiHere as your bookmark, it will still send you here. 

I’ve also finally added PayPal to the Donations page so you can support this blog by credit card now. When you make a donation, let me know if you want your name published. 

Guess the trail

Who knows what trail this is?

What trail is this?


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  1. Speaking of webcams, I recall last year somebody promised us a working webcam in PLPP. It would be nice to have a view on the mountains and the falling snow.

  2. In regards to the snowfall forecast, yahoo my skis are waxed and ready.

  3. Or great divide?

  4. -What trail is this?
    Moraine Lake Road.

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