Canmore Nordic Centre

Canmore Nordic Centre

Banff trail is now trackset for 1.1K at the Canmore Nordic Centre. I skied late this afternoon after the IPC World Cup races were over. 

Banff trail at the Canmore Nordic Centre

The race course had some interesting grooming configurations including one track right down the middle of the trail. I haven’t GPSd all the trails but I’d estimate there’s close to 4.5K of trails to ski if you did them all. 

Right down the middle on the race course

Tomorrow(Friday) is a training day for the IPC racers so I would assume the entire course is open to the public. Monday was a training day and I was permitted to ski anywhere when I was there in the early afternoon. Sunday is the final day of the IPC world cup. 

Races end each day around 3 pm at which time the entire trail system is open to the public. 

Wonderful conditions at the Canmore Nordic Centre

Thank goodness the CNC had Frozen Thunder to start the ski season or it would be doubtful if they would have been able to host these races. 

At the end of the tracksetting on Banff trail there were large mounds of snow waiting to be groomed so there could be more distance by the weekend for recreational skiers.

The air temperature was -1°C and I had excellent grip with VR55N(-3/0).

I was pleasantly surprised to read the Heritage Guides Grooming report indicating they trackset Fairview in Lake Louise. Hopefully it covered most of the tree debris. 

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