Cascade Valley is trackset

-Cascade Valley was trackset today. Photo by Chuck.-

Thanks to Chuck for this welcome news. Cascade Valley in Banff National Park is double trackset to the Cascade river at 6.1K, and single trackset thereafter to Stoney Creek at 14.5K. 

Poles penetrate to the pavement on the Minnewanka Road section. Photo by Chuck.

Chuck reports that his poles were hitting pavement on the first 700 metres which is on the paved Minnewanka road. 

Let’s hope this is just one of many trails to receive grooming and tracksetting from the recent snowfall. 

The Banff/Lake Louise trail report indicates the Pipestone trails were trackset this afternoon. On the Groomer’s Reports, you can read about a lot of new tracksetting by the Heritage Guides at Lake Louise. 

Check out all of Chuck’s amazing photos of Cascade Valley

Colder temperatures are in the forecast which will preserve all this wonderful snow, and the forecast is calling for more snow on Thursday. 

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  1. Today we skied at Lake Louise – Fairview to Morraine Lake Road, then up and down Tramline to the railway station. All in great condition, with more snow to come.

    Monday we skied to Boom Lake, the recently fallen snow was excellent, however, two snowshoers walked up the centre of the ski trail which will make it bumpy and narrow when the snow sets up. The trail could now use some skiers with metal edges to grind the bumps down on the downhill sections!!

    Tuesday we skied the Great Divide trail, it is in excellent condition with more snow arriving daily!!

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