How much snow?

I’m still in Calgary, and this morning at 9 a.m. there’s an accumulation of 10 – 12 cm. How much did you get?

This was all bare ground yesterday

The first grooming of the season occurred at Mount Shark yesterday:

Dec 19: The Mt. Shark ski trails (excluding Watridge Lake trail) were snowmobile groomed but not trackset. Early season hazards are prominent throughout the system with bushes/grass poking above the snow in many areas. Watch for rocks and undulating terrain along with other early season hazards. 

Everybody’s happy ‘cuz it snowed last night…

Christmas present idea for the xc skier in your life: How about a set of skis, waxed and ready to go for every temperature range?

If you’re wondering what “MG22” stands for, it’s the grind from the Grinders Ski Service.  If you want fast skis which hold wax well, a stone grinding does the trick. 


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  1. We got 17 cm in Edgemont on the 20th! Was happy to see 20 cm of fresh snow at Elk Pass on the 18th… wonder how much they got yesterday!!

  2. About 7 inches at Dalhousie, Calgary.

    I skied Nose Hill today. Put on the skis in front of my door and skied alleyways and parks to John Laurie/Shag intersection, took off the skis to cross, and then went up from there. Also about 6-7″ on Nose Hill. Blue extra worked well.

  3. Hi Bob, not far south it’s snowmageddon here in Okotoks: easily 12” (yes, INCHES!) overnight on top of the 6” or so that fell yesterday. Big crystals & full of air so compacts and moves around easily -unfortunately, the duty I’m on today. Tiger Balm anyone?

    • Officially 35cm here according to EC (and my back!), so I managed to plow some parallel tracks on BC skinnies after work from my door along Lineham escarpment -a fine Christmas preamble indeed (though miss our short lived but well loved local nordic facility).

  4. 35cms on the hill in Kimberley, so there should be even more on the X-country tracks at Kimberley Nordic Center, but the skiing has been great for several weeks already. We definitely will have a White Christmas with fantastic ski conditions!!!

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