It’s been a “White Eyelash” cold spell

Bridget from California on Spray River West. Photo by Chuck.

Yesterday Chuck met Bridget from California on Spray River West. A few days ago I took the picture of Santa on Redearth Creek. Santa’s real name is Tomo and she’s from Canmore. 

Tomo on Redearth Creek

If you read Chuck’s trip report, you’ll note that both skiers he met on Spray River were from warmish, far-away places(California and Arizona). They both mentioned this blog as their source of information about skiing. 

Chuck skied 24K in yesterday’s -25 temperature on Spray River West and Goat Creek. Spray River West is trackset to the Spray bridge at 9.9K and Goat Creek has been snowmobile packed, and I might add, snowshoe packed. 

In Peter Lougheed Provincial Park last night, Blueberry Hill and Elk Pass were trackset. Moraine, Fox Creek, and Boulton Creek were trackset yesterday. PLPP received 25 cm of new snow. 

The Kicking Horse Ski Club’s Moonlight Ski

The Kananaskis Village trails along with the Bill Milne and Wedge Connector were groomed yesterday. Bill Milne and Wedge are great for skate-skiing.

Lots of grooming and I presume tracksetting at the Canmore Nordic Centre last night. Check the Live Grooming Report for details. 

The Weather Network says it’s -20 in Canmore but don’t believe it. My thermometer reads -29. I would also be skeptical of the reported -21 temperature at Boulton Creek. 

The floodgates will finally open tomorrow(Monday) and I expect we’ll see thousands of skiers enjoying the predicted warmer weather in the -7 to -10 range on the first day of 2018.


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  1. I think it’s called “Saskatchewan mascara” Bob. I’ll be wearing it later.

  2. Many Ribbon Creek areas were groomed and trackset yesterday. While we are not headed that way- a good cold weather plan is to park at Ribbon, warm up with the climb to the highpoint of Kovach, enjoy the long schuss to the village and warm up indoors in the public area.Then- back more or less the way you came.
    The K-Country weather stations linked to on the avalanche page have been down for several days, but a check of a number of the Environment Alberta Kananaskis weather sites shows a bit a variability- generally minus 30 ‘ish, however the Evan Thomas one is showing -22. The “winner” is Bow Valley Provincial Park with -39 at 7 am. Sunshine webcams are reading a balmy -19!

    • I forgot to check the Ribbon Creek Live Grooming Report, thanks for bringing me up to date! It looks like the Evan-Thomas, Wedge, Bill Milne loop is now skiable.

  3. At 9 AM the thermometer at the PLPP Discovery Centre is reading -32°C

    • Thanks for the update. Everywhere seems to be hovering around the -30 mark. Some of the Weather Network’s temperature readings have been suspect for the past few days.

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