Thursday update incl Canmore Nordic Centre

Boulder Pass by Chuck. Check the Trip Reports to see more fantastic photos from Chuck’s trip to Boulder Pass and Deception Pass.

Today’s Calgary Herald has a good article for beginner cross country skiers:

All ages and abilities can find their glide with cross country skiing

This is Allison’s photo entry in the Emerald Lake Lodge contest.

Thanks to Ray Perrott for bringing the above article to my attention. 

Lake Louise

The Heritage Guides at Lake Louise are reporting that Fairview is now entirely double trackset and in good condition. There is also a trackset trail on the lake. 


The trails in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park are due for some grooming and tracksetting. I will certainly be checking the Live Grooming Report in the morning. 

Canmore Nordic Centre on Dec 7, 2017

Canmore Nordic Centre

Re: Public skiing during the IPC World Cup competition Dec 8 – 17:

In response to TC’s question, I called the nordic centre and came away with this info:

After the day’s competitions are over, all the trails will be open to public skiing until 9 p.m.

During the competitions, there will be a limited amount of terrain on Banff trail open to the public except on the days when they are using Banff trail for the sit-ski races. The exact dates for the sit-ski races are not yet available.

The CNC will post updates on their trail report.

Update Dec 7 @ 6 pm:

Junction 2 at Canmore Nordic Centre. Banff trail on left, Banff loop on the right.

I checked the nordic centre late this afternoon. I skied from the daylodge to junction 2 on Banff trail which is 700 metres. At junction 2, skiers were going a further 500 metres on the old Banff loop trail. There, the Banff loop has a roundabout where you can return the same way you came, or you can join an access trail to Frozen Thunder. 

Lots of man-made snow is waiting to be groomed on Banff trail beyond junction 2

Also at junction 2, Banff trail is closed but as you can see in the photo, there are numerous large mounds of snow waiting to be smoothed out and groomed. Will it be ready for weekend recreational skiers? I couldn’t get any commitments. 

The IPC Para-Nordic World Cup starts on Dec 8 at the Canmore Nordic Centre

What we know for sure is that recreational skiers will have access to all trails when the races are over for the day, presumably around 3 pm. 

It is still unknown whether recreational skiers will have any access to Banff trail during the sit-ski competitions. I imagine the officials are trying to determine if it’s safe to have recreational skiers and racers on the same trail, albeit divided. Banff trail is very wide and it may be possible to share the trail. The days where this occurs are still not decided. 

Oh yes, conditions are fantastic on the trails. I was able to use VR50(0/-4) and had excellent grip and glide. Frozen Thunder has had quite a few additions, so you can ski around in quite a maze of trails. 

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