Canmore Nordic Centre

Update Thurs Jan 18 at 10 a.m from CNC: All Ski trails have ice from last nights freezing rain. Please use caution on Natural snow Trails as there remains natural hazards and some thin snow covered areas.

It was +3°C when I arrived in mid-afternoon at CNC. The snow was still cold enough to use wax VR55(0/-3),but the tracks were surprisingly slow. 

Natural snow on Banff trail

I skied to the end of Banff trail on the natural snow in good conditions. The tracksetting is still in good shape with minor tree debris. Returning on Bow was reasonably nice but there was more debris in the tracks, enough to be annoying. 

Canmore Nordic Centre

I took a side trip on Cold Shoulder which is one of the most scenic and pleasant trails at CNC. I noticed that all the secondary trails which I passed by had recent grooming and tracksetting such as Bruin, Silvertip, and Grey Wolf. 

The Banff trail loop on man-made snow was excellent and the tracks were clean. 

Hopefully the snow which is in the forecast for tomorrow will materialize. It appears most of it will fall along the continental divide which means Lake Louise, Mt Shark, and PLPP should get something significant. Canmore, Banff and Kananaskis Village trails may get a cm or two. 

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