From the archives: Amazing backcountry photos

Photo by Steve Riggs

With all the discussion happening about backcountry gear, I thought it would be a good time to post these photos of one of Steve Riggs’ backcountry adventures. Back when Steve sent these photos to me, he didn’t divulge the location, but readers were quick to uncover the location. It was a long time ago, so let’s see who can guess the correct location now. 

Steve posted a number of other photos in his report but the old Picasa link no longer works. In his report he was evasive about the venue “For those of the backcountry persuasion, there is still some very good skiing to be found! Saturday, at a location that will remain undisclosed.”

Photo by Steve Riggs


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  1. My motto is to never despair. We’ll crack this nut.
    I came across an archived photo which may show the same corniced ridge line. Now only to identify the huts -)

    That’s definitely the mountain, what a great find! -Bob

  2. Bob,
    I believe that I remember the original sleuthing involved with deciphering Steve’s secret location and the two photo’s that you are using don’t have enough information for anyone but Yoda to figure out. I suspect that you will need to display some of the other photos in order for any one have a chance at this location.

    Good luck.

    The Picasa link to Steve’s additional photos no longer works, so this is all we have unless Steve feels sorry for us and provides the photos. Not crossing my fingers. -Bob

  3. East or perhaps NE facing from the look of the shadows?

  4. Bob, you had to dig deep into the crates for those pix!
    I’m still not saying where that is, as untracked snow is now even harder to find, with the ongoing surge of backcountry skiers and riders. I will say this though: that locale is only earned via a bit of a thrash up (and then back down) 400m of elevation gain through thick forest. Bushwhacking at it’s finest 🙂

  5. If not burstall under snow peak, then maybe north end of tent ridge or possibly 3 lakes valley on the slopes facing towards Chester.

  6. I know nothing about nothing about backcountry skiing, but this kind of looks like it could be the area of Sunshine beyond Standish.

  7. That’s my guess too.

  8. Shannon Williamson

    Burstall Pass?

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