Monday night update

Volunteers are required at Confederation golf course for snow harvesting which involves shoveling snow onto trails Wednesdays 6:30 – 8:30 pm(1 to 2 hour commitment). Register here

Reading Captions

Trip reporter Chuck usually tells the story of his ski trips with photos and captions. When looking at Chuck’s photos on One Drive, see below for instructions on how to view the captions.

Help fix Shaganappi

The Calgary Ski Club is looking for volunteers to help repair the vandalism damage at Shaganappi golf course. Alasdair Ferguson sent this report:

I previously estimated some 30 or so ropes had been cut. But I was wrong! Hopelessly wrong and too optimistic.

Yesterday while grooming the trails, I counted 81 lengths of ropes between our metal stakes strung by CSC volunteers plus another 20 or so strung around golf greens by Golf Course staff along our XC ski trails that must have been cut earlier during the warm dry spell as all ropes I identified had their cut ends buried in the 20 cm or so of fresh snow.

I need to have discussions with Golf Course Operations Management about this extreme problem, and I need to get some volunteers and extra rope to repair the damage and in some cases to replace the signage.

PLEASE HELP US CSC Volunteers to maintain the safety of Shaganappi for all XC Skiers and Snowshoers in winter and preserve the integrity of the Golf Course without winter damage for Calgary golfers in Summer.

Please contact me if you are able to help us.


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  1. Thanks Bob for the Instructions on reading captions. Users might also like to be reminded that a Caption is also available for the overall Album on the Cover Photo.
    Hopefully you will post this useful resource, for permanent reference, under the Resources Tab.

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