West Bragg Creek Jan 12 update

Mountain Road at West Bragg Creek

Mountain View at West Bragg Creek

Groomer Jeff submitted the following report:

“Hello all, 

Temperatures are going to be moderating just in time for the weekend and ski conditions are fantastic!

Groomers have been busy working the dusting of new snow into the old to reinvigorate the trail system.

The following  trails have been groomed and track set in the last 24 hrs and are in very good to excellent condition:

Mountain Road                    Double track set and skate

Mountain View West             Double track set and skate

Mountain View                       Double track set

Moose Loop                             Double track set

West Crystal                            Double track set and skate

East Crystal                              Double track set and skate

Loggers                                     Double track set

Sundog                                      Double track set and skate

Iron Springs                             Double track set

Elbow North                            Double track set

Hostel Meadow                       Double track set and skate

Hostel Loop                             Double track set

Telephone Loop has been groomed and single track set but has variable conditions and would be recommended for advanced skiers only.


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