Fantastic day on Bill Milne trail

Next to the inkpots photo from Chuck, you won’t see more spectacular scenery than on the Bill Milne trail on a beautiful blue-sky day like it was today. Being able to ski on new grooming and tracksetting was icing on the cake. 

When I started out, the Bill Milne trail was groomed but not yet trackset

In addition to sun and a big blue sky, I had the perfect skiing temperature of -7°C with no wind. If you’re going to experience this incredible trail in great conditions, now is the time to do it. Another big dump of snow will cover the tracks on Thursday. 

Tracksetter Alex on the Bill Milne trail

Lots of tracksetting occurred today including Bill Milne, Wedge Connector, and Evan-Thomas fire road. It gets better – all the Kananaskis Village trails, Ribbon Creek, and Coal Mine were also done. The big ice flow which resulted in the Bill Milne being closed for the last two weeks is gone.

Bill Milne trail

When I started out at the golf course at 2:30 pm, the Bill Milne trail was groomed and looked inviting even without tracksetting. I had a wonderful ski on corduroy to Ribbon Creek and turned around. Soon after starting back, I met tracksetter Alex who was now laying down a single track. 

Nearing Ribbon Creek on the Bill Milne trail. This will now have tracksetting.

Alex and Jeff will be getting as much grooming done as possible because the Pisten-Bully is making a trip to Edmonton on Wednesday to groom the trails for this Saturday’s Birkebeiner.

The ever-optimistic Snow Forecast is predicting a big snowfall for Wednesday night and Thursday. It’s forecasting 42 cm for Ribbon Creek and 50 cm for PLPP. 

There’s a plaque beside the Kananaskis river commemorating Bill Milne who had tremendous influence on the creation of K-Country. 

It was nice to hear that Mike found Tanya’s sunglasses. 

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