Friday morning update

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park:

Note: This has been updated to reflect the added grooming from the second shift. Thanks for your diligent work, tracksetters!

“After the most recent snow event concluded on Thursday close to 40cm’s had fallen in the north end of the Park, likely more further south and at higher elevations. Expect deep snow on all trails groomed before Feb 8th, with currently (9:30AM Friday) no new snow on Thursday nights and Friday mornings grooming.”

Spray River East and West were trackset yesterday but a warning has been posted:

Avalanche Danger on Spray River West and travel is not recommended. 

Avalanche danger is also present on Redearth Creek. 

West Bragg Creek update from Groomer Jeff:

Hostel Loop at West Bragg Creek. Photo by Alf Skrastins.

“Cumulatively we’ve had about 21 cm of snow in the last 3 days. Conditions at present are very good, with the following trails having been groomed and track set:

West Crystal and Links, East Crystal, Sundog, Mountain Rd to Moose Connector, Loggers, Hostel Meadow and Loop, Perimeter Trail, Chickadee and Bunny.

Grooming will be ongoing, and we expect to complete the track setting of our remaining trails by Friday afternoon.

Get out and enjoy the great skiing!!”

The Canmore Nordic Centre’s Live Grooming Report isn’t working but they usually groom the trails overnight after a big snowfall. Their trail report will be updated later this morning. The CNC weather page is working once again and it indicates a temperature of -23 at the daylodge at 7:45 a.m. which agrees with my thermometer. 


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  1. Good Day Bob,
    Any idea how much snow Canmore and Banff received?
    I’m sure weather stations record snowfall amounts but nothing is reported.
    Does someone know why?

    • I received about 12 cm at my place in Canmore which is at a much lower elevation than the nordic centre, so they could have received more.

    • I was in Banff today and it appeared to have received about 12-15 cm of new snow at lower elevations.

      • Thanks for the snowfall updates Bob, much appreciated.
        My ski buds & I were guests of the Rocky Mountain Jackrabbit Ski Club today as we joined about 30 others to ski the Goat Ck/ Spray River East route.
        A beautiful crisp day on skier set tracks.

  2. PLPP – 9:30 AM, 9 February

    Its frosty down here this morning, temperature is sitting around -30°C; 32 cm of snow on the ground in front of the Discovery Centre.

  3. Hi Bob,

    The 2nd grooming shift at PLPP returned and uploaded the Live Grooming about 45 minutes ago, check it out for more details. Happy Trails…

  4. And with your crystal clear blue skies this Friday morning to boot, it’s making a lot of us others extremely envious. Have fun out there!

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