Goat Creek Olympics

I have some photos of Goat Creek to go along with Nikolai’s trip report. He probably was long gone by the time I arrived at 1:40 pm. Thanks for breaking trail in the fresh snow!

(Before I continue, make sure you check the Redearth Creek avalanche photos from Chuck.)

Heather and Mike with Vanessa coming up the trail on Goat Creek

I only went as far as the hill which descends to the Goat Creek bridge, approx 6.5K one-way. Considering the hundreds of snowshoers, hikers, bikers, and skiers who use this trail, the ski tracks were still in reasonably good shape. They’re a little washed out at the start for a few hundred metres but get crisper as you go along. 

Carol and George arriving in Banff National Park

Goat Creek has received about 3 cm of new snow since I was there on the new tracksetting on Thursday. The temperature was -17°C with a bit of a breeze and the sun was starting to show its face. I encountered many snowshoers and skiers but no fat bikers. I’m a little surprised at how few fat bikers I’m seeing on the ski trails this winter. 

Anders, Janice, and Unni were doing the Goat Creek doubleheader

Among the many skiers I talked to, Janice Perry was skiing with Anders and Unni. They were doing the doubleheader from Banff. Heather, Mike and Vanessa read about the good conditions on Goat Creek from my blog and that’s why they were skiing it. 

Bob(in black) and his wife from Kingston, ON, with their friends from Calgary.

I also enjoyed meeting a friendly, happy dog named Jake. Dogs are allowed on the first 900 metres of Goat Creek which is in K-Country but not past the Banff boundary. Jake and his people turned off at the boundary and went down the High Rockies trail where dogs are allowed.

Friendly dog Jake arrives at the Banff boundary where he turned left to go down the High Rockies trail

I wonder who made the “Go Canada” in the snow? I watched the exciting men’s xc 4×10 relay yesterday where the Norwegians won, but I don’t know whether to feel sorry for the silver-medalist Russian named Spitsov. After the Russians got caught for cheating in 2014, it’s hard to have sympathy for any of them, but Denis Spitsov was skiing his heart out while Johannes Klaebo was just toying with him. The Russians had a 41-second lead over Norway after the second leg. 

Canadian curler Rachel Homan’s husband double-fisting his third and fourth beers while watching his wife compete against Japan.

The Canadian men had a respectable showing considering Alex Harvey decided to sit it out. You can watch a replay of the men’s relay on the CBC Olympic site. Unfortunately you’ll have to sit through three ads before the video comes on. 

I enjoyed participating in curling when I was in high school and have maintained an interest in it. I’ve watched most of the Canadians’ curling games at the Olympics. Rachel Homan is just way too intense and she never cracks a smile. I can see why her husband drinks a lot.  🙂


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  1. Very nice to meet you.
    You’re providing a fantastic resource for everyone.

  2. I can’t help but be proud of fellow Londoner and Western University graduate of the Concurrent Program in Physics and Engineering, Alex Kopacz, taking home a gold medal in 2-man bobsleigh.

  3. ‘Go Canada!’, scripted nicely, was left by two ladies who were the first on the trail this morning.
    They stopped to write it down and that’s where I passed them… I saw them again on my coming back as they were heading to Banff past the Spray River bridge. Nope, can’t describe their looks 🙂 Unless they reveal themselves, the authors of ‘Go Canada!’ will reserve their anonymity

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