One more day before the big one

Emerald Lake alluvial fan. Photo by Chuck

No doubt you’ve heard that we are expecting upwards of 40 cm of snow starting Wednesday evening. The Snow Forecast is predicting 41 cm at Ribbon Creek and 49 cm in PLPP. If the snow materializes, it will take a few days for the tracksetting crews to get it all groomed.

Emerald Lake. Photo by Chuck

I was in Calgary today and didn’t get to do any skiing, so thanks to Chuck we have some spectacular photos of Emerald Lake.

I should mention that tracksetting in Yoho and Emerald Lake is done by the Kicking Horse Ski Club who appreciates any donation to the cause. If you buy a $40 membership in the KHSC you are entitled to the special rates at Emerald Lake Lodge. 

Tracksetter Joe at Emerald Lake. Photo by Chuck

We have one more day until the storm hits, and tomorrow will offer some fabulous skiing on excellent conditions in many locales with comfortable temperatures in the single digits. Where to go?

I could easily go back and do Bill Milne, along with Wedge and Evan Thomas. I haven’t been up to the Skogan summit yet this winter and it was trackset today. This area won’t see any more grooming until next week because the snowcat is in Edmonton for the Birkie. 

Goat  Creek/Spray River should be wonderful tomorrow with today’s tracksetting(thanks Helen). Chuck’s photos make it tempting to visit Emerald Lake. Pipestone was also trackset today. 

Mathew, Brittany & Carl are ready for 5 or 6 days of adventure. Photo by Chuck

It appears from the weather maps the storm will hit places like Yoho and Lake Louise in the early afternoon. 

Chuck wasn’t satisfied to ski around Emerald Lake, so he did some backcountry touring on the Amiskwi trail and ran into three snowshoers who were setting out for a six-day adventure with a lot of gear and a cappuccino maker. 

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