Tuesday morning update

The trails around Kananaskis Village and Ribbon Creek were groomed yesterday and reported to be in great shape. If you are a skate skier, “Terrace Link trail now has a skate lane making a nice skate loop with Terrace trail.”

In Lake Louise, a few trails are being prepared for Sunday’s loppet such as Fairview and Telemark. There are still many trails unaffected and recent grooming includes Moraine Lake Road, Great Divide, Bow River loop and Campground loop. The latter two are dog-friendly. 

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After yesterday’s post, I received a number of emails from people who have had run-ins with Corey Kruchkowski. It turns out he has quite an unsavoury history of harassing people and using fake names on social media. RCMP have been involved. The spike in page views yesterday illustrates that my readers are very interested in this topic.

The graph below shows which images have been clicked on the most in the past 24 hours. 

456 Hits
303 Hits
20 Hits
20 Hits
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I have no desire to engage with this person but I am interested in self-preservation. I believe my best protection comes from publicizing his comments and threats. As Ricky said on Facebook, 

“He’s a fool for posting this. He’s clearly out there on the internet and so easily identifiable so he’s just running his mouth. He doesn’t represent the reasonable polite members of the biking or any other community.”

As has been well-documents on my blog, I have no issues with the bike community. Corey is a one-off and as Jason said, 

“this classless buffoon doesn’t represent the vast majority of fat bikers or ambassadors for our sport.”

In one email from a person who has had many dealings with him…

“He’s completely inappropriate on every level”

In a very lengthy and insightful email from one of my readers who explained the psychology behind his behavior, he offered this thought:

“we can only hope that one day, reason will prevail therefore seeking counselling; any attempt from outside will fail, they can only find the desire from the desperation that will build from within.”

Of course the very people who would benefit the most from counselling are the last to seek it. 

Alex Harvey vs Olympic Athletes from Russia

Alex Harvey

This article from CBC hints at the possibility that Canadian xc skier Alex Harvey may yet receive a medal for his fourth place finish in the men’s 50K at the Olympics(a la Becky Scott who went from bronze to Gold):

Canadian cross-country skier Alex Harvey may not have won a medal…

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