It’s a wonderful xc ski season and more snow is on the way

Can anyone figure out what Mike and Greg were up to on Skogan Pass today? (Hint: They’re from the University of Saskatchewan)


“Significant amounts of snow, with total amounts of 25 to 35 cm is expected.

An area of heavy snow, currently from Grande Cache to Medicine Hat, including the mountain parks, continues to intensify as it moves southward. Heavy snow will continue through tonight and most of the day Thursday before beginning to gradually taper off Thursday evening.

In the mountain parks and along the foothills snowfall accumulations may reach as high as 50 cm in a few localities, especially over higher terrain.”

I received this email from Kevin in Winnipeg(after mentioning that Ribbon Creek was in store for 41 cm of snow):

The “three amigos” from Winnipeg. Kevin Miller is on the right in the red and yellow jacket. 


40 cm exceeds the entire winter’s snowfall here in Winnipeg. My snow gauge has measured a total of 38 cm since Nov 5.

My wife & I are looking forward to our week in Canmore and area (March 3 to 10) with 33 other ski club members.

If I’m lucky, I’ll run into you as I did in November 2015 in the Ribbon Creek parking lot.

I’ve continued to enjoy daily reading of your website, both winter and summer.

In fact, your summer writings about the new High Rockies trail has prompted me to add parts of it to our “to do” list of activities during our two weeks of camping/hiking/biking in Banff National Park this coming July. From our perspective, Travel Alberta should be paying you a commission!

Kevin Miller


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  1. My guess is Mike and Greg will be taking snow samples. Then they will see how much pollution is in the snow. Since the prevailing winds are from the west we can assume that pollution comes from BC province. After estimating the cost of the clean up of the polluted mountains the Alberta government will send the bill to BC province.

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