After 30+ cm of new snow…grooming updates

New grooming on Meadowview at Canmore Nordic Centre

Canmore Nordic Centre: Banff trail, Bow, Meadowview and some other trails have been groomed and trackset. Don’t go by the Live Grooming Report. Check the trail report to see the grooming updates. 

The Kananaskis Village trails were groomed early this morning and it appears the snowcat is still out working(heading up New Ribbon Creek as I write this). 

Remarks from the Kananaskis Village/Ribbon Creek Live Grooming Report:

“Over 30cm of new snow in the last 18 hrs and still falling as of 2 AM making for soft trail conditions. Trees are loaded with heavy snow making for a winter wonderland scene but expect snow bombs as things start to warm up.”

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The south trails in PLPP were groomed last night except for the 2K section of Elk Pass where there’s avalanche danger. The map at the side shows the trails which were groomed and the section of Elk Pass which is closed(shown in white).

Remarks from the PLPP Live Grooming Report:

“Between 25 and 40cm’s of fresh snow fell throughout the park on Thursday in to Friday, with the snow tapering off around 5:00AM on Friday morning, and as of 8:00AM, no more new snow has fallen. Expect around 5cm’s of fresh snow on top of the grooming from Mar 15th, and a cm or less on the grooming from the 16th- all trails groomed earlier will require heavy trail breaking. The trees have re-loaded and will be dropping plentiful snow bombs and other tree debris on the trails, particularly further south and at higher elevations where the snow load is greater.” 

Lake Louise: Great Divide and Lower Telemark have been trackset.

Baker Creek to Protection Mountain is trackset.

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