Another lucky day

I was originally planning on skiing the new tracksetting in PLPP today but as I was driving past Kananaskis Village I pulled over and checked the Live Grooming Report on my phone and saw that Bill Milne, Evan-Thomas, and Wedge Connector were in the process of being groomed. 

Gord and Debbie at the junction of Bill Milne and Evan-Thomas

I parked at Kananaskis golf course where the air temperature was -3°C and the snow was -5. VR45(-2/-8) worked well for the 18.5K which I logged today. 

Bill Milne trail

I headed south for 900 metres to the Evan-Thomas road crossing on the new tracksetting and skied the Evan-Thomas fire road on the most pristine conditions ever. Not one boot mark!

After 2K I came to the Wedge Connector where conditions were wonderful. From Wedge I headed north on the Bill Milne trail towards Ribbon Creek and enjoyed the magnificent scenery along this beautiful trail. I eventually turned around and headed back to my vehicle, but I wasn’t finished.

New tracksetting on Terrace

I wanted to see what shape the Kananaskis Village trails were in after Saturday’s snowfall. I skied up Terrace and at the far north end I encountered Tracksetter Jeff who was turning down Terrace Link and heading towards the village.

I observed Terrace and Terrace Link with new tracksetting. I just revisited the Live Grooming Report and it indicates that Kovach has also been trackset. There’s about 7 cm of new snow on the other trails but the tracks are still well-defined and in good shape. 

Jeff mentioned that Skogan Pass is on the agenda for tomorrow.

You might experience a glitch with the below photos. Is anyone else having trouble enlarging them? The photos won’t enlarge when I click on them, but the slide show still works.



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  1. The glitch is still there for me, and it’s done it for me on Firefox, IE, and Chrome.

    • I haven’t been able to resolve the problem so all my new photo galleries are on a new system. You should still be able to see the photos by clicking on “Slideshow” but you have to go through all the photos.

  2. Photo glitch is gone 🙂

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