Beautiful skiing at Emerald Lake

by Bob Truman on March 7, 2018

in Emerald Lake, Yoho

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We had excellent trail conditions and perfect weather for skiing at Emerald Lake. The Alluvial Fan and the Emerald Connector were trackset yesterday, so with a cold night to set up, the tracks were firm and fast today.

The Alluvial Fan at Emerald Lake

The temperature had warmed up to -8°C by the time we started around 10 a.m. and the snow was -12. Swix vintage green worked very well. 

Some trails are made for picture-taking and the alluvial fan on a sunny day can’t be surpassed for sheer beauty. 

The Alluvial Fan at Emerald Lake

We had the choice of three access trails to take to the Alluvial Fan: Tree Hugger, Horse Trail, and the Lake itself. All are in excellent shape. 

Upon finishing the fan I was ready to head down the Emerald Connector to the Natural Bridge when I had the good fortune to encounter Bruce and Marilyn  at the trailhead with skis at the ready. 

Bruce and Marilyn on the Emerald Connector

We were the first skiers over the new tracksetting on the Connector and it was wonderful. We stopped to see if we could find the dipper at the usual place in the Emerald River. Bruce caught a glimpse before it flew off. We later saw pine marten tracks.

The Connector was reconfigured a few years ago because of one section that was avalanche prone. The “Reconnector” is very steep with tight turns but was easy to navigate on the good conditions today. 

With a high of -1 today, the temperature got a lot warmer than was predicted. By that time, though, we had already had lunch and were enjoying the outdoor hot tub at Emerald Lake Lodge.

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1 Marilyn/Bruce March 8, 2018 at 8:22 am

Great skiing with you yesterday Bob–for that first bit–you are just too fast for us! We think that must be lucky day # 4. Skee ya later eh?


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