Dog-friendly West Bragg Creek

We took Tessa for one more ski at West Bragg while conditions are still reasonably good. Although I prefer colder snow, Tessa is happy not to have to wear her boots anymore. 

Wembley the dog with his family on Mountain Road

The temperature at the West Bragg parking lot at 3:15 pm was +5°C and we didn’t even take waxable skis today. I had perfect grip and glide with my zero skis while Cheryl had good luck using her skin skis. 

Claude and Patrick on Mountain View

Other skiers who I spoke with who were using waxable skis were trying to get by with red wax but it was icing up in the shaded areas where the snow was still cold. As Michelle mentioned in her trip report, the temperature this morning was -10, and I’m pretty sure there was still some “blue wax” snow in places.

Mountain Road had some slushy tracks

At this time of year the snow conditions are inconsistent. In areas where the tracks were in shade all day, the snow was cold but there were other places in the sun where it was slush. 

Being late in the day, some trails were already starting to get a bit icy, namely the north-south part of Loggers. 

The ice flow on Sundog west was still passable with your skis on but I don’t think it will stay that way for long. 

A section of Loggers where the snow was still cold and in good shape

If you go early tomorrow, there will be a lot of places throughout the system with icy trails. 

Of course, the best part of skiing at West Bragg Creek for me is seeing all the happy dogs and families. iPetCompanion is what you need if you can’t take your dog with you.

It’s been a fantastic ski season at WBC this winter. Thanks to all the volunteers and workers who take care of the trails. If you enjoy skiing at West Bragg, be sure to make a donation



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  1. How ironic that this post was up because I was also skiing at dog friendly West Bragg Creek on Sunday with my family. I gotta say though I am absolutely disgusted by the amount of dog owners that do not pick up their dog waste. Or respect the “dogs must be leashes” rule.

    I know it’s not all dog owners but seriously what the hell is wrong with people. If you can’t be responsible for your dog, I’m thinking you probably shouldn’t have one.

    I feel like other dog owners (the responsible ones) should be policing the irresponsible ones. I feel like it has zero effect when a non dog owner comments on these matters.

    Despite the fecal count we had a great time. Thanks for the outlet.

    We must have been on different trails because I was impressed with the fact I didn’t see any dog poop. -Bob

    • I skied at WBC a couple weeks ago and was also shocked at the amount of dog poop. There was the biggest pile I have ever seen right under the sign adjacent to the warming hut in the on leash area. It smelled bad enough that I decided to find another trail map. Piles of poop in the tracks, dog poop groomed into the trails and afterwards I wondered if I really wanted to touch my skis without gloves on. Come on folks, WBC is an amazing place that we all love to enjoy. Clean up after your dogs Please!!

      I agree that dog owners should pick up after their dog, and/or follow the instructions as laid out on Guidelines for dogs at WBC. If you really want to see poop, go to West Bragg Creek in the summer. I wonder if we can get the owner to pick up after his animals Disgusting, repulsive situation at West Bragg Creek -Bob

  2. My wife an I skied
    Mountain Road an Moose loop and thought that it was fantastic for that time of the year. We started around 10:30 to ski.

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