Pocaterra Meet ‘N Greet

Conditions don’t get any better than they were on last night’s tracksetting. The only complaint that I can make about today is that we ran out of cookies. 

Derek, Caroline, and Kevin at one of the Pocaterra/Come-Along junctions

I thought 4 dozen would be plenty, but if Mary hadn’t brought a dozen more delicious cookies to the Meet ‘N Greet, we would have run out even sooner. I enjoyed seeing everyone, especially on this particular day when we had such great weather and excellent skiing. 

All ages were enjoying the good conditions

The new tracksetting on Pocaterra, Come-Along, and Lynx was superb. When I started skiing at 12 noon the temperature at Pocaterra was -13°C but the sun was shining and there was no wind. I hadn’t skied on Come-Along this season, so I reacquainted myself with those trails on my way to the Packers junction. Next weekend I will have to fill in the final blank and do Rolly Road. 

I used VR40(-4/-12) and had excellent grip.

Pocaterra. Can you see Kevin waving?

Skiers who ventured onto older grooming reported reasonably good skier-set tracks in the fresh snow. I expect we’ll see new grooming by tomorrow morning on Whiskey Jack, Upper Pocaterra, and Packers. Would it be too much to ask for Tyrwhitt, too?

MaSid kept the fire going in the hut for our Meet ‘N Greet

When the final cookie disappeared around 4:30 pm the temperature had warmed up to -3. I’ll do another Meet ‘N Greet at Pocaterra next Saturday, so mark it on your calendar. The weather is staying cool this week and there is more snow in the forecast. 

Thanks for the trip reports today. It’s nice to hear the conditions at West Bragg are still so good.


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  1. Dang missed this again, and we were even out there, but based out of the Visitor Center. Can’t make it next weekend so will have to wait a year I guess. Thanks for all the photos, posts and info.

  2. Bob thanks for the cookie , water and juice ! nice to meet you and a few other faces to the trip reporters 🙂

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