Winter returning?

by Bob Truman on March 26, 2018

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Update Mar 28 at 8 a.m: The PLPP Live Grooming Report indicates that Moraine, Fox Creek, and Boulton Creek were trackset early this morning. It also says “Use caution when skiing Moraine trail due to grooming equipment just off to the side of the trail about 1km from the Whiskey Jack junction.”

Kananaskis Village trails were trackset yesterday(Mar 27):The core Kananaskis Village trails were groomed today after a couple cms new snow and strong winds that brought down pine needles and tree debris. Expect some debris on trails that were not groomed today as well as some glazing in the colder mornings on all trails.”

The Heritage Guides at Lake Louise plan to keep tracksetting until March 31(if they can repair their snowmobile). 

The Snow Forecast for PLPP is predicting 22 cm of snow on Thursday and Friday(Mar 29, 30), with the high temperature on Friday of -10°C.

The Weather Network is forecasting 10 cm on Friday at Boulton Creek with a high of -9. 

Orange snow in Russia and Romania

Elk Pass is open again. Thanks to Ray Perrott who was there today and saw it with his own eyes. I checked the PLPP trail report and it also indicates that it’s open. (It still indicates closed on the Live Grooming Report).

Chuck sent me a link to this unusual story. I’m glad we don’t have to worry about orange snow here: Orange snow transforms eastern Europe into Mars .

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1 Arie March 26, 2018 at 8:10 pm

… but we do get watermelon snow in the springtime.


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