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by Bob Truman on September 21, 2018

in Animal tracks & sightings

Can you see the 4 holes in the side of the truck? Photo by Jasper National Park.

If you stop to view wildlife, all sorts of things can happen. This Park employee had to stop for a red light and paid the price. The photo and the following information was posted on Facebook by Jasper National park:

Why should you stay in your car when viewing elk during the rut? 

These four holes are a very good reason. These holes were made by a charging bull elk when the truck stopped at a traffic light this past weekend. No one was hurt, but this is a great reminder about the continuing elk rut and the need to give wildlife space.

Bull elk are extremely dangerous at this time of year. Be sure to stay in your car and keep a safe distance from wild animals (30 meters for elk). Keep wildlife wild.

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1 Diana Piggott September 21, 2018 at 9:35 pm



2 MaSid September 22, 2018 at 10:14 am

Indeed! Holy $&@! Good thing it didn’t get stuck. I can imagine the phone call to the insurer in some Toronto office if it was anything but a park vehicle. “He hit me, I swear”. Good on Parks going the extra distance for the public education program (-;


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