Snow and web cam update

Snow in Hugh’s back yard in Canmore this morning. Photo by Hugh Burton.

With all this snow, readers are starting to check the web cams page, and so am I. When I clicked on the cameras provided by 511 Alberta yesterday, none of the links were working. I’m happy to say I’ve updated the links and all are visible again. 

Tony Smith from Grizzly Mountain Events posted this photo of his truck in Canmore on Sep 13

We could just as well do without this early snow. It will melt in a few days and in the mean time it causes all manner of inconvenience as well as problems for farmers trying to get their crops off. It does motivate me, however, to get started with website maintenance and other things which I have to do in the fall to keep the blog functioning.

We’ll be skiing on Frozen Thunder at the Canmore Nordic Centre  in four short weeks!

Canmore Nordic Centre on Sep 13 at 5:41 pm

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