Suggestions for Jenn?

Looking for a great recommendation on ski groups.
I’m a 40 something recreational intermediate skier based in Calgary. I’m not fast nor am I competitive but I love getting out for a good 15km ish (longer is fun too) classic ski or to be pushed on the skate skis for an hour or so.
I’m looking to join a fun, non-competitive yet sporty group (organized or not) that skis primarily Sundays and possibly even some weekdays (I’m a nurse so have a fluctuating schedule). Favourite ski spots would be West Bragg and Kananaskis.
Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated-thanks!


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  1. Hi Jenn, I also used to ski with the Calgary Ski Club. 10 years ago its head Nordic coach, George Smith, started a new club, Calgary Nordic Training Group, It’s small and informal. Coach does encourage folks to enter the occasional loppet, but welcomes skier of all abilities. Dryland training is in progress.

  2. Jenn: Flora’s crew is a solid bet and I used to be coached by Flora a few years ago. An alternative is the Space Dogs Ski Club – a masters club based in Calgary that has options for training on weeknights and weekends. Some of us are competitive but also realists – everyone has a life and/or career so there is an ebb and flow throughout the season. The coaches are former high level athletes so the instruction is solid but the attitude is relaxed. There is an early season road trip/training camp in Silverstar in December and this year a small crew is going on tour to Italy for 2 weeks.

  3. Hi Jenn,

    You might want to consider looking into our fun XC Ski ‘Team T0taL L0K0s’ (‘Team TL’ for short). Our adult group focus is on intermediate xc skiing and above (which it sounds like your are). We meet Monday and Friday mornings to ski in West Bragg. We alternate between classic and skate, depending on the snow conditions and aim to ski for an hour or so. We also provide technique advice; such as how to climb and descend the hills confidently. We start in December and run to March. You can sign up for one or both days.
    pls e-mail for more info


  4. Hi Jenn. I used to ski with the Calgary Ski Club when I was your age. The Senior Outdoor Clubs will accept anyone as a guest providing there are empty seats on their buses. There are clubs going everyday of the week. Cost is around $20. You might try searching for many of them.

  5. Hi Jenn. I think the meetup group Slow and Steady Hikers might be a great place to start…there is also the Calgary Outdoor Club. I wish the Hostel Outdoor Group was still running but I think they disappeared a few years ago…

    Hope this helps!

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