How much snow?

Update 12:45 pm: Tracksetter Jeff(Ribbon Creek) sent in this photo from Bow Valley Provincial Park where they received 40 cm and it’s still coming down…

“Best skiing may be at Bow Valley Park. Snow on our table beside our shop. 16” and counting.” -Tracksetter Jeff


Canmore received about 20 cm of snow on Monday night. Photo by Ray Perrott

Let’s start off with a report and photos from Ray Perrott in Canmore:

Canmore received 20 cm of overnight snow. Photo by Ray Perrott

20cm of snow overnight here in Canmore, and its surprisingly light and fluffy!  Still snowing lightly this morning.

The weather is supposed to remain cool / cold for the next week, or longer.  I hope that will permit CNC to incorporate some of this snow with their Frozen Thunder stockpile.

Don’t drool too much!!


The Facebook Group Bow Valley Road Conditions is a great source of road condition information and I highly recommend joining if you haven’t already. Lots of reports of highway closures and difficult driving conditions between Calgary and Canmore. 

From looking at the webcams, it appears that Calgary and Canmore are getting more snow than Lake Louise. 

After six months of ignoring it, I’m back to checking the ever-optimistic snow forecast. It predicts 43 cm for PLPP today, and only 10 cm for Lake Louise. 

Being early in the season, I will let all my new readers know that PLPP stands for Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. 

Reports out of Calgary indicate anywhere from 15 – 30 cm of snow depending on the location. Discovery Ridge in the southwest was reported to have 30+ cm at 8 a.m.

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  1. Mud lake on line weather station showed 43cm when I checked moments ago. Much less at highwood (might not be working properly). PL visiter center closed due to weather.

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