Skiers having fun; Guess where?

-What trail is this?-

This is “Guess the Trail” with skiers in every picture. Can you figure out where they are? 

The previous game was fun, and I expected at least one picture to bedevil you, which it did. We’ve started a new game, but you can still go back and agonize over #8. 

Posted below are the photos numbered, 1 – 14. Leave your answer in the comments. Click on the photos for a larger image. Good luck!!


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  1. 1. Spray River West
    2. Elk Pass PLPP
    3. Blueberry Hill PLPP
    4. Emerald Lake horse trail Fairview/Moraine Lake road jct
    5. Goat Creek
    6.Wheeler PLPP Whiskey Jack/Moraine jct
    7. Great Divide Trail Moraine Lake road
    8. Pocaterra PLPP
    9. WBC TransCanada trail WBC Mountain road
    10.Emerald Lake boat house
    11. Spary River East Cascade Valley bridge
    12. Tyrwhitt PLPP
    13. Brewster Creek Goat Creek
    14. Skogan Pass Top of Elk Pass hill

  2. #11 – Cascade Fire road. 6K in or so.

    Yes, it’s the Cascade Valley bridge at the north end. The campground is on the left, Cascade Valley trail straight ahead. -Bob

  3. #10 Emerald Lake

    Correct! The building in the background is the ski rental shop. -Bob

  4. #4 – Fairview’s exit onto MLR
    #8 – Pocaterra
    #10 – Lake Louise
    #12 – Tyrwhitt (I always need to look back on the pronunciation post for this trail!)
    #14 – Elk Pass

    4 out of 5 correct. I’m surprised #10 is so difficult. -Bob

  5. in feaverish haste…

    4 Lake Louise Fairview – MoraineRd Jnct
    5 no llamas allowed on Goat Creek
    6 Whisky Jack
    7. Moraine Lake Rd
    8. PLPP Pocaterra Hut jackrabbit grid
    9. West Bragg Crk Mountain Road
    12. PLPP Tyrwhitt
    These are fun Bob, but you should only post your confirmation a couple days later so others can guess

    All correct. I’ll take your advice on the next go around. -Bob

  6. #4: WBC, exciting telephone loop (CCW) where it intersects with moose loop? Well, it is the junction of two trails but not those two.

    #7: moraine lake Rd Correct! …and like the skier in the photo, hopefully we’ll be gliding down the hill on good tracksetting in another month.

  7. #6 whiskey jack / moraine

    Correct. -Bob

  8. #13 the scary down hill before the bridge on Bob’s favorite

    Correct, Goat Creek at 7K. -Bob

  9. It seems to me…
    1: Goat Creek / Spray River trail, at 6 km from Banff trailhead
    2: PLPP – Tyrwhitt / Elk Pass / Hydroline jct
    3: PLPP – Blueberry Hill

    All correct. How about the others, now that you’re on a roll? -Bob

    • Thank you Bob. I’m thinking others may want to play too, besides that I can’t name all of these 🙂 I’m scratching my head at #8 from the previous post…

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