Skiing starts this weekend in Canmore

The beginnings of Frozen Thunder. Photo supplied by Canmore Nordic Centre

Frozen Thunder has faithfully returned to the Canmore Nordic Centre for the tenth consecutive year. It will be open for public skiing on Sat Oct 20 at 9 a.m.

A truck is loaded with snow from the pit. Photo supplied by Canmore Nordic centre

Snow which was stored all summer in a big pit at the nordic centre is in the process of being trucked onto the trails leading out from the biathlon range.

The snowcat will eventually smooth it out and create a corduroy surface for skating and classic skiing, and if the nights are cold enough, it will be trackset as well.

The top photo shows there is already a smattering of snow on the ground from the recent snowfalls. 

Passes are required to ski on Frozen Thunder. You can buy a single day pass, or a Frozen Thunder pass. . 

The trucks will be dumping snow on the trails at the Canmore Nordic Centre until Friday. (2016 photo)

Frozen Thunder will be open for public use after 12:00 noon on weekdays and all day on Saturdays and Sundays. 

Waxing tips for Frozen Thunder

In 2017, skiers were enjoying excellent conditions for the first day of Frozen Thunder at the Canmore Nordic Centre

With the warm temperatures, it will be difficult to get any grip on your classic skis with normal hard wax. Come prepared with waxless skis(fish-scale, skins, zeros) or the dreaded klister. You can avoid any grip problems by using skate skis.

Over the years, for classic skiing, I’ve had the best results with zero skis and skin-skis. Quite often the tracks are too icy, especially early in the day, for the fish-scales to get grip.

Early Bird Prices for Canmore Nordic Centre

Season passes for the Canmore Nordic Centre are now available online, with a 10% early-bird discount until Oct 31. Purchase ski passes online.  (Season passes are not valid for Frozen Thunder.)

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