Something to look forward to…

by Bob Truman on October 18, 2018

in XC

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-Simona and Cheeky on Pocaterra. Photo from Dec 2015-

I was sorting through some photos and the one above jumped out at me. I can’t wait to see this sight and maybe even Simona and Cheeky will be there again. 

Grouse on Pocaterra

That specific location, the junction of Whiskey Jack and Pocaterra, is one of my favourite spots to take photos when the conditions are right. Normally I like to catch it on a sunny day, but this particular day was overcast and it still turned out to be spectacular. 

The same day I took that photo, I encountered the killer grouse on Pocaterra in his usual location that winter. 

Upcoming features

I am happy to announce we’ll be running the “Guess the Date on Elk Pass” contest again. It will start on Oct 26. Stoney-Nakoda Resort and Casino is supplying the prizes.

The “Win Fischer Skis” contest will run in November and the prize will be Fischer Twin Skin Sport skis.

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1 Herbert Kruschke October 19, 2018 at 9:38 am

I look forward to another relaxing evening at the Casino “on the house”.
I’ve been out twice across the street from my house in Calgary, and am itching to hit the mountains. I’m not taking any crap from that grouse this year!


2 Cheeky October 19, 2018 at 8:14 am

Awwww… Dang! Do you realize how much work you’ve given me?! It’s gonna take me WEEKS to deflate my ego.



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