Spectacular scenery, but where is it?

When you see this spactacular sight, what trail are you on?

All the scenes in the photos below can be enjoyed from a ski trail, or in the case of the bar, near a ski trail. Thanks to JeremyN’s suggestion, I’m not going to give any feedback on your comments for at least 24 hours, so have fun.  (Obviously, JeremyN can’t resist peeking at the answers 🙂 )

Posted below are the photos numbered 1 – 18. Leave your answers in the comments. There are no duplicates, these scenes will be observed from 18 different trails. Click on the photos for a larger image. Good luck!!


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  1. Thank you to everyone for playing. The official answers:

    1. Tyrwhitt, looking down Hydroline.
    2. Baker Creek to Castle Lookout.
    3. Canmore Nordic Centre – Meadowview
    4. Bill Milne
    5. Redearth Creek.
    6. Healy Creek
    7. The hugging tree on Elk Pass.
    8. Brewster Creek. This ornament is hanging on the veranda at Sundance Lodge.
    9. Mt Shark – Watridge Lake Road. This view would be at the end of the groomed trail from the bridge over the Spray river.
    10. Lake Louise -Tramline
    11. Spray River West
    12. Lake O’hara fire road
    13. Cascade Valley
    14. Goat Creek
    15. Emerald Lake Lodge
    16. Canmore Nordic Centre – at the end of Banff trail.
    17. Kananaskis Fire Lookout – looking south. If you look closely, on the RH side of the photo, you can see the wind vane and edge of the building.
    18. Hay Meadow

  2. 1. Hydroline near Elk pass
    2. LL loppet trail west of castle junction
    3.Grotto mtn from CNC
    4. Bill Milne trail
    5. Redearth creek
    6. Mount Norquay from Healy creek trail
    7. Hugging tree PLPP
    8. Sundance lodge, Brewster creek
    9. Cone mtn from spray river bridge, mount shark
    10. Deer lodge from upper tramline
    11. Goat creek trail near spray loop
    12. Emerald lake trail
    13. Mount shark
    14. Goat creek just after crossing the spray river
    15. Emerald lake lodge
    16. End of banff trail CNC beginning of rundle riverside trail
    17. Kananaskis fire lookout
    18. Bill Milne trail near hay meadow

    • Oops!
      # 12 is actually the Lake O’Hara road near the picnic table with the watchtower and Mount Victoria in the background

      Good job, Pete. You were exactly correct on 13 of them, and on 4 others I can quibble a bit. The only one you didn’t know was #13 which was very obscure.
      #7 is indeed the hugging tree in PLPP Elk Pass.
      #11 is Spray River West
      #14 is Goat Creek but not after crossing Spray River. It’s after crossing….Goat creek.(but it’s practically the same view from Spray River which is a further 2K down the trail).
      #18 is Hay Meadow trail.

      #1 I was actually still on Tyrwhitt when I took that photo, but Hydroline is, for all practical purposes, accurate enough.

      #13 is not Mt Shark, but unless you were reading this blog on one specific day last winter, you wouldn’t know it’s on Cascade Valley. By the way, that bird never leaves that tree. Probably still there. -Bob

  3. 1. PLPP Hydroline
    2. Looking across the closed section of 1A between Baker Cabin & Lake Louise
    3. Castle Mt
    4. Tanya’s right
    5. Redearth creek trail
    7. Hugging tree on elk pass
    8. Please tell me where that is!
    9. Mt Shark Watridge Lake trail, I have the exact same photo with Jip on the bridge!
    10. Deer Lodge
    11. Lake Louise station?
    13. LOL, good eye, where the heck is that!
    14. Pipestone?
    15. Emerald Lake bar
    17. PLPP Lookout ?
    18. Sure I know that one!

    Thanks Bob this is so much fun!

  4. First off, you’re missing number 12. Found it, thanks! -Bob

    1. Elk Pass
    2. The Loppett trail that goes from Castle Junction to Baker Creek
    3. Canmore Nordic Centre
    4. Bill Milne Trail at the bottom of the big hill down from the Village
    10. Upper Telemark
    16. Canmore Nordic Centre at the end of Banff Ave. before you leave the park
    17. Chester Lake Trail
    18. Hay Meadow, Kananaskis Village Trails

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