Saturday night update

Canmore Nordic Centre today(Nov 17)

With this update, I’m displaying some additional photos which are now included with the “Wild Animals Along the Ski Trail” post.

Wolves along the Bow Valley Parkwy. Nov 26, 2011. Photo by Chuck.

We like reading multiple reports for the same trail, so just because you’ve already seen a trip report from your destination, please post anyway. Second opinions are appreciated. 

Better than expected at Canmore Nordic Centre for the first day. Tanya skied all the way to the meadow. Hugh had already reported by noon “Banff Trail had been rolled full width out to the end of the Meadow and beyond. Groomer passed us as he came up out of Banff Loop heading west so more rolling will hav been done by this pm.”

Coyote near the Tunnel Mountain ski trails in Banff. Jan 8, 2015. Photo by Chuck


Great news from Diana Piggott regarding Upper Pocaterra. Diana accessed the trail about 10K south of the barricade where there is a parking lot at the side of the highway. A short trail, maybe 300 metres, will take you to Pocaterra, midway between Whiskey Jack and Packers. 

Check the Live Grooming Report to see which trails have been packed/groomed in PLPP. It looks like Pocaterra would be good for 3.5K from Packers to Lookout. Whiskey Jack sounds okay above the steep hill, and Elk Pass has a very thin base at the parking lot improving with elevation.”

The trail report reminds skiers to “use great caution when skiing.”

The barricade doesn’t come down until Dec 1, so the Upper Pocaterra parking will be accessible ’til then. 

Porcupine. Great Divide. Oct 3, 2018. Photo by Chuck

Lake Louise

According to Chris, Tramline is trackset and in very nice shape. Nick reported the usual weekend crowds at Moraine Lake road. Great Divide has a bear warning but I expect the skiing is good. 

The Heritage Guides are responsible for grooming the trails around the Chateau. This update was sent late this afternoon:

Fairview Loop (#2): Insufficient snow in forested areas with thick canopy cover, several open water streams and lurking rocks/stumps. Use caution and bring your rock skis.

Shoreline (#4): 90% sled packed, with rocks and one large open stream. Use caution and bring your rock skis.

Lake Trail (#4): Ice not thick enough for the snowmobile.

Upper Telemark and Peyto Trails (#5&#7): Insufficient snow in forested areas with thick canopy cover and lurking rocks/stumps. Use caution and don’t bring your good skis.

Wolf along the Bow Valley Parkway. Nov 26, 2011. Photo by Chuck.

Read Hilary’s report for a first-hand account of conditions on Fairview. David P was also on Fairview and opines “a bumpy but enjoyable ski along the top and challenging conditions for the descent to Moraine lake road.”

West Bragg Creek

Pretty neat trip report from Martin and Jip with the video of the coyote at WBC. Martin reported the snow stayed cold today. Martin says, “should be reasonable tomorrow for those willing to ski marginal conditions, better than no ski at all!” 

Coyote along the Smith-Dorrien

More animal photos

I had neglected to include any photos of wolves and coyotes in the “Wild Animals along the ski trail” post. It now contains two nice coyote photos and two wolf photos, and a porcupine. I managed to catch the coyote just as it caught a mouse. Chuck sent me two exceptional photos of wolves from 2011. Obviously Chuck was taking photos long before he started posting them on this blog. 


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  1. Skiied the Frozen Thunder trails several times in different directions yesterday afternoon. CNC crew has done a great job and we were pleasantly surprized by the snow quality. Be back today.

    • Glad to hear! … Best to ski in one direction, i.e., if there’s a classic track only on one side, that’s the right side as in road traffic. Idea is to minimize head on traffic, especially around fast sweeping turns.

  2. Fantastic photos!

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