Ski season is on!

Moraine Lake road has been roll-packed and should look something like this early-season photo from 2015.

Right on Schedule!

Moraine Lake road and the Great Divide were packed and rolled on Sunday Nov 4. I received this update from Parks Canada’s Lake Louise grooming/tracksetting team yesterday(Monday):

“Andrew and Rich machine packed and rolled Moraine Lake Road and 1A (Great Divide)on Nov. 4th…no track set. Wait for more snow.”

Chris S checked out the freshly roll-packed Moraine Lake road late yesterday:

“Just returned from a late night lap up MLR. Snow depth is excellent – no exposed patches anywhere. Poles hit through to the road most of the time. Conditions were pretty soft for skating but we made it work. As stated in the grooming report, no trackset yet. Overall still worth the effort! The season has begun.”

Snow guns are operating at the Canmore Nordic Centre

This morning’s web cams show additional light snow overnight. It may not be enough to allow tracksetting but every bit helps. With the cold temperatures, it will continue to accumulate. 

Three weather forecasts(Weather Network, Windy, and Ventusky) are predicting a couple cm of snow today. The ever-optimistic Snow Forecast is predicting 8 cm for Lake Louise today. 

Ray Perrott reports 7 cm of overnight snow in Canmore. The snow guns are going strong at the Canmore Nordic Centre. 

Where to find the trail report for Lake Louise

Lake Louise is in Banff National Park and you have to look at the Banff trail report to find Moraine Lake road and all the other trails at Lake Louise. It’s on the main menu under Trail Reports – Banff. After logging on, Scroll down to where it says Cross Country Skiing – Lake Louise Area Trails.

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