Sunday photos

Thanks, everyone, for the reports and photos today. You can read the reports which go along with these photos on the Trip Reports page. 

Piper the retriever and Jo on Mountain road at West Bragg Creek. Photo by Steve Riggs

Steve said it best: “Kudos to the groomers for making the most out of a thin snowpack!”

Junction of Elk Pass, Tyrwhitt, and Hydroline. Photo by David P

The photo below from Normand is only one of many which he has posted on his trip report. 

Looking south from Kananaskis Fire Lookout. Photo by Normand

Now I regret not meeting Chip and Karen at Confed. There would have been three of us in vintage Calgary Ski Club jackets. 

Chip and Karen at Confederation golf course

Calgary Stampeders win grey cup. Calgary Sun photo

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