Wednesday night update

Thanks to Mary Perrott and Chuck for making my job easier. Check the Trip reports for their updates on Moraine Lake road and the Great Divide. Chuck’s photos show a rare sighting, too. 🙂

Anne and Naomi start out from the Moraine Lake road trailhead

After skiing late yesterday afternoon on Moraine Lake road, I stayed overnight at Baker Creek Mountain Resort and was on the Great Divide by 10:15 this morning. After taking some photos and determining that it was very skiable, I headed over to Moraine Lake road and did a few Ks. Hopefully MLR will be roll-packed again before the weekend. The jury is still out on whether it will be trackset.  

The Great Divide(also known as the old 1A)

While at Baker Creek, I was pleased to learn they will be tracksetting as usual from Baker Creek to Castle Lookout this winter and will also be doing 2.5K to the west of Baker Creek as well. They can only go 2.5K because of the construction taking place where the power line crosses the Bow Valley Parkway. 

The trail from Baker to Castle is unique and offers some of the most incredible scenery anywhere in the universe. 

Snow is quickly accumulating at Canmore Nordic Centre

Canmore Nordic Centre

Update Nov 8: The CNC website indicates that Frozen Thunder is Closed today for Biathlon Trials Race.

The only place where there’s any significant snow in the forecast is Canmore, thanks to the cold weather and snow-guns.

Erick Gosselin, wax tech with Quebec ski team. Frozen Thunder is in excellent condition.

On my way home from Lake Louise I stopped at CNC and was amazed to see how much snow has accumulated from the snow-making equipment. 

Frozen Thunder looked to be in terrific shape. I talked briefly with Erick Gosselin, a wax tech with the Quebec ski team who have eight skiers training there. He said conditions were amazing. Anyone on classic skis would have been able to use blue wax and the tracks were in terrific shape. 

Park Passes 20% off when you order online:

This from the Banff National Park website “Order your Family/Group Discovery Pass by December 31, 2018 and receive 20% off!”

Cat skiing

After reading my recent posting about Skiing with your dog, Alf Skrastins sent this:

“Here’s an option, if you happen to be a cat lover, rather than a dog owner.

Ski-joering with cat in Norway

Of course mixing cats and dogs on the same trails may add a whole other level of trail user conflict!”

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  1. Yes to yyc 2026 Olympics

    Thx for the CNC update Bob -u saved me unnecessary mileage, though I should know better and dbl check their website for posted events! Great other news too. Keep it up.

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