Calgary and Strathmore updates

Strathmore golf course

Today I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email and photos from Ed Meyer, the groomer of the Strathmore Golf Course:

Strathmore golf course. Photo by Ed Meyer,

“The track seems to have survived the last chinook cycle 

Even though the wind wreaked havoc on our snow fence the base held up nicely and gave us a little refresh.

I was able to get the snowcat out today to do some grooming and will touch it up tomorrow with the smaller gear. 

Still not enough snow to  track set,  however good enough to ski on again.”

I enjoyed two days of skiing earlier this month at Strathmore and was doubly pleased that I could take my dog off-leash. 

Skiing is still viable at Confederation Golf Course. This report came in today from Jane:

“The small amount of snow in the last day or so has been great for conditions at Confederation Park. Along with some grooming and a little track setting both classic and skating is pretty good.”

…and Bowness Park from Doug Connery:

“Bowness Park still has tracks and is skiable. This includes the trail beside the river and the two interior loops.”

In the Mountains

The Banff trail report indicates Cascade Valley was trackset today all the way to Stoney creek(14.4K one-way). 


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  1. Great intel on Strathmore Golf Course, what’s the bar hours and is food available Jan 1!

    • Being a golf course, it’s not very busy in the winter. When I talked to them earlier this month, they were considering closing the restaurant/bar for the months of Jan and Feb. They have posted on their website “Closed for the season.”

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