Finally, snow in the mountains

Tessa and Christine at the Strathmore golf course

I was thrilled to read Mary’s trip report from Lake Louise where she said it was snowing “pretty good” this  afternoon.

The snow was still cold and in nice condition at the Strathmore golf course

I’m wondering how much snow will greet Chip, Peter, Pat and me tomorrow morning at Elk Pass? The “Big Four” forecasts are predicting anywhere from 3 – 6 cm of snow in PLPP over the next 24 hours. Some forecasts are calling for more later in the week as well. 

 I’m not going to complain if it slows us down.  Conditions have been incredibly fast on the old snow, as we’ve been hearing on the trip reports. 

Strathmore golf course has 10K of trails

Trails everywhere can use another 10-15 cm of snow. It would sure be nice if some Banff trails would become groomed and skiable with this snowfall which is happening right now. 

Christine and I went for a pleasant ski with the dogs at Strathmore golf course this afternoon.

Strathmore golf course is dog-friendly

The temperature was +1°C but the snow was still cold and in good shape. It was overcast, so the trails weren’t getting any sun. I used the same VR45(-2/-8) which I had on my skis from Saturday and it worked well enough. 80% of the skiing is double-poling anyway, so not much grip is required. 

It’s a real treat to finish skiing and walk right into the clubhouse and have drinks and food available, and better yet, a warm place to change clothes. 

If you want to learn more about skiing at the Strathmore golf course, read my post and see some better pictures from my trip on Saturday A Wonderful Discovery. 

The Banff/Lake Louise trail report indicates the Great Divide was groomed and trackset today. I imagine it is already covered with fresh snow. 

Canmore Nordic Centre

EVENT NOTICE: World Junior Trials XC skiing – Dec. 12-16, 2018 – Biathlon trails will be CLOSED during race days and official training.

    • Wednesday 12th – Official training – 9am-12pm closure
    • Thursday 13th – Classic Sprint – All day closure 
    • Friday 14th – Official training – 9am-12pm closure 
    • Saturday 15th – Interval Start Free – All day closure
    • Sunday 16th – Mass Start Classic – All day closure 

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