Friday night update

Bowness Park

I took a spin around Bowness Park this afternoon. What a lovely trail – if only it had another 10 cm of snow. I was surprised to see there was a skating lane as well as a classic track. 

Roger is all set to go skiing at Bowness Park

My skiing was 50/50. I was in the classic tracks 50% of the time, and when the tracks were too thin, I skied on the corduroy. 

The air temperature was zero, and the snow was -3. I had excellent grip with VR50(0/-4). 

Confederation golf course was in nice shape on Wednesday

I’ve posted a few pictures from Bowness Park in the gallery below. 

It seems like fast snow is the one common denominator right now. Everyone is reporting lightning-fast tracks, but they’re not icy. 

I have forwarded the comments regarding the Pocaterra Hut hours to Alberta Parks. I’m another one who appreciated the 8 pm closing time. 

Does anyone know where to find a report on trail conditions in Red Deer? The link on my menu is dead, so I’ve removed it but can’t find anything to replace it. 

The ski races in Canmore require volunteers. More details here Volunteers required

What’s available this weekend?

Yoho Valley road has been trackset for 5.5K. Photo by Chuck

I recommend that you read all the trail reports and trip reports to get a detailed update on most trails, but here’s a quick summary:

Canmore Nordic Centre – The biathlon trails at the Canmore Nordic Centre will be closed to the public due to the races. 1.2K on Banff trail has been groomed and trackset but there is hope for more. Hugh reports “there are snow piles all the way up Banff Trail out to nearly the warming hut.”

Elk Pass was trackset on Monday

Calgary – Confederation, Shaganappi and Maple Ridge golf courses in Calgary are groomed and trackset. Bowness park is trackset with a skating lane but is very thin. 

West Bragg Creek is groomed and trackset, but keep in mind that natural hazards still exist. Telephone loop is roller packed but it is not recommended for skiing due to low snow pack

Mountain road at West Bragg Creek

Kananaskis – The south end of PLPP including Elk Pass, Blueberry Hill, Patterson, Hydroline, and Upper Pocaterra are groomed and trackset. Whiskey Jack and Tyrwhitt are still in rough shape. 

Moraine Lake road at lake Louise

Lake Louise – Moraine Lake road, Great Divide, Tramline, are in good condition. Campground Loop and Bow River Loop have some thin spots but are skiable with caution. Fairview has been snowmobile packed but plenty of early-season hazards exist. 

Yoho – Yoho Valley Road is trackset for 5.5K.  Kicking Horse river is trackset. Tally Ho is trackset but in rough shape. 

Strathmore – The golf course has been roll-packed.

Cypress HillsSpring Creek trails have been roll-packed

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  1. There is a northern region trail report by Edmonton Nordic that has conditions for the Red Deer trails and many other ski trails throughout central and northern Alberta.

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