Saturday morning update

According to most weather reports, it’s cold this morning in the SkierBob empire. Lake Louise is -23 and Boulton Creek/Elk Pass is -16. Predictions are for highs in the low double digits, around -10/ -12. 

Yesterday’s new tracksetting in PLPP should have set up well overnight. There are new tracks on Elk Pass, Bluebery Hill, Hydroline, Patterson, and Fox Creek. The Upper Lake connector was groomed, so if the Elk Pass parking lot is full, you can park at the lake and enjoy an additional 1K of skiing. 

Moraine, Boulton Creek and Wheeler were groomed. You can now do an 11 or 13K loop at the north end of PLPP, most of it on recent grooming. 

The Kananaskis Village trails were roller packed with minimal snow coverage in some areas. Watch for lurking hazards on all downhills. Skogan Pass, Sunburst, and High Level were groomed but there’s nothing skiable below the Marmot junction. It’s important to read the Ribbon Creek/ Kananaskis Village report.

Cascade Valley was groomed(not trackset) yesterday to the 6K bridge, as was Upper Bankhead. I’m anxious to hear how the conditions are.

Moraine Lake road and the Geat Divide at Lake Louise were trackset.

At Canmore Nordic Centre, you can now ski on good conditions from the daylodge to the warming hut. Canmore is slightly warmer, but the predicted high is still only -10, so the warming hut might be busy. 

I skied at Mt Shark yesterday, so see my previous update for a look at conditions.

There’s negligible new snow in the forecast for next five days. 


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  1. Excellent thank you!

  2. Was just about to head out to elk pass but then saw the temperature, thank you for this list f options and update!

    • I just realized the Kananaskis Village trails were roller packed yesterday, and it’s going to be a little warmer there. According to Weather Network, -6. It sounds like the trails still have early-season hazards. I updated my Saturday Morning Update to give this info.

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