Snow predictions

This next system which is coming through is predicted to dump most of its snow along the continental divide and not in Calgary or West Bragg Creek.

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Predictions from the “Big Four” weather forecasts show snowfall amounts for Lake Louise ranging from 19 cm to 34 cm by Friday. Here are the averages:

Lake Louise 27 cm

Elk Pass: 12 cm

Banff: 10 cm

Kananaskis Village: 5 cm

Calgary: 2 cm

The forecast can be very precise with its locations. The attached image shows the pointer exactly at the Goat Creek bridge. 

Snow is predicted to start on Tuesday morning at Lake Louise and Tuesday afternoon in PLPP. 

Judging from Hugh’s trip report, it sounds like Banff trail at Canmore Nordic Centre will soon be open on man-made snow to the warming hut(about 2.6K from daylodge). 

The “Big Four” include, Snow Forecast, Ventusky, and the Weather Network. 

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