Snowfall update

Update: Sunday at 12 noon. This photo was sent in a few minutes ago from the Kicking Horse Ski Club:

“Not too many words needed. Great sun at 11 am at Emerald River and great tracks–to the missing picnic table at Ottertail viewpoint?? What is with that??? A lot of wooly bits along the trail but we have a good track!! Tally-Ho is also done to the Natural Bridge–from town. A bit thin on the flats by the Info Hall.” – Kicking Horse Ski Club

Now that the snow has pretty well ended, I received exactly what the forecast predicted for Calgary, 9 cm.

Manfred Kintop posted this picture from the Great Divide in Lake Louise today(Sun Dec 2)

To see which trails have been groomed at West Bragg Creek today, check the Live Grooming Report.

Manfred Kintop sent the photo of the dogs and this report from the Great Divide:

“Busy day on the Great Divide trail. Great conditions with just a few twigs still sticking up through the track. Cold snow and -7 made for a pleasant christening of my new skintecs. Loved seeing the dog sleds whipping past!” -Manfred Kintop

Canmore Nordic Centre’s webcam shows lots of activity despite limited terrain

As with last weekend’s snowfall, Calgary and points east appear to have received more snow than the mountains. It will be interesting to see what we hear on the trip reports later today. There’s no snow in the forecast, so this is all we’ve got for now. The updated trail report from Lake Louise remarked “All trails are snow covered” so the mountains obviously received some of this snow. Mud Lake shows 6 cm of new snow.

A reminder, it’s another race weekend at CNC, so the biathlon trails will be closed to the public today. Limited terrain will be available to the public for skiing. I see from the CNC webcam the snowguns are going full blast. With colder temperatures in the forecast, CNC should be able to make a lot of snow in the next 7 days. 


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  1. The biggest winner is likely Bragg creek, having looked at the Kananaskis on-line snow stations (not much). It’s too bad there isn’t one near west Bragg. So a report from there would be great.

    • The Live Grooming Report for West Bragg was just updated and it shows a number of trails being groomed already today.

      • Over the last 24 hrs the West Bragg Creek ski trails were blessed with approximately 10 cm of fresh snow. GBCTA ski groomers have been out on the trails since the wee hrs and have managed to roller pack the entire trails system. Conditions are best on Mountain Road and West Crystal Line ( and Links) – keep in mind that natural hazards still exist. Although Telephone loop is roller packed it is not recommended for skiing due to low snow pack. Stay tuned – we hope to set some tracks this week!

        Groomer David

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