Trail grooming updates

-Frank Howard on the recently levelled Fairview trail at Lake Louise. Photo by Chuck.-

The Heritage Guides at Lake Louise have upgraded Fairview from “sled packed” to “levelled.” They also remark…

“The normal early season hazards of rocks and stumps are lurking just under the thin snow pack, use caution, a bad fall on a down hill would not be good. We will need more snow before we can trackset.”

Check the photos on Chuck’s trip report for a comprehensive update on the trails at Lake Louise including Fairview, Tramline, Great Divide, and Telemark. He said there were no rocks. 

Barbara on the Alluvial Fan at Emerald Lake. Photo by Peter Neumann

The Banff trail report indicates Baker Creek to Protection Mountain Campground has been trackset. This portion of the trail is about 3.5K. No word yet on the portion that goes to Castle Lookout.

Peter and Barbara skied on yesterday’s packing at Emerald Lake and report an additional 4 cm overnight on the Alluvial Fan and Horse Trail. Tracksetting should be imminent.

The Great Divide, Tramline, and Townsite were trackset at Lake Louise today. The skating lane on Moraine Lake road was groomed. 

If you enjoy skiing at Emerald Lake, consider buying a membership in the Kicking Horse Ski Club. KHSC does the tracksetting in Yoho and Emerald Lake. 

Peter and Barb sent some additional photos from Emerald Lake. I was saddened to learn of John Morrison’s death. I knew John well and remember him as a hard-working, conscientious tracksetter who was dedicated to providing the best grooming for skiers. I’ve added two photos from 2013:

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