Winter Wonderland

Recent trip reports which described Lake Louise as a winter wonderland weren’t exaggerating.  They received even more snow overnight. 

Peter, Susan, and Pat on Moraine Lake road. They were returning from Paradise Valley.

Fairview was trackset yesterday and already has 8-10 cm of new snow over the trail. The tracks were still in reasonably good shape this afternoon, but…. it was snowing again!

The temperature was -2 when I arrived at the Moraine Lake road parking lot at 3 pm. VR45 worked flawlessly. It is normally rated for colder snow, but in fresh snow, it’s rated for 0/-2. 

Moraine Lake road

Moraine Lake road was trackset today and was lovely, albeit with a dusting of fresh snow in the tracks to slow me down. I made the right turn onto Fairview for the first time this season and was thrilled with the conditions. There are still a few pronounced dips but nothing I would consider scary. 

Making the right turn onto Fairview

Skiing along Fairview is truly a winter wonderland.


Fairview has some pretty strenuous climbs

The Fairview split

When I reached the end of Fairview at the lake parking lot, I was surprised to see the road to the upper parking lot is still open. Normally this road is trackset and is a convenient way to access the trails up at the lake. Not this year, I guess. You can access Tramline without removing your skis by squeezing around the trail marker. 

Tramline was also trackset today and is in excellent condition. It remains to be seen how much snow falls tonight in Lake Louise., Weather Network, and Snow Forecast are all predicting 1 cm. 

The north end of PLPP was groomed today by snowmobile and roller. The trails are not trackset yet, but this is the first step. According to the trail report, the north end received 10-15 cm yesterday. 


Gord’s photo shows a lot of new snow at the top of Whiskey Jack. I imagine the south trails in PLPP will be trackset soon. 

If you’re skiing at the Canmore Nordic Centre, be sure to read Hilary’s trip report. Things are slowly shaping up but early-season conditions exist on the natural snow trails. 

The ice castle at the lake

I stopped at the Spray River West trailhead in Banff and was surprised to see almost no new snow. I will have to take back my prediction from yesterday of imminent grooming on Spray River and Goat Creek. 

Lake Louise is a winter wonderland

I also stopped at Redearth Creek and there was 6-8 cm of new snow but no grooming activity. I drove along the Bow Valley Parkway and noticed that Castle Lookout to Protection Mountain campground has been snowmobile packed.

I talked to a couple skiers at the Baker Creek trailhead and learned the trail going west from Baker Creek Chalets(towards Morant’s Curve) has been trackset. It’s an easy trail with no significant hills. 


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  1. Excellent photos. Tourism quality. Things definately look inviting in the lake Louise area. I have been convinced, right after getting the couch to a workable size. Are they still doing the fire by the skating rink these days? Might have to fire up some sausages after a ski. Happy holidays!

  2. The little (2.7 km) #3 loop going E from Castle Jct. will be a pleasant ski when it’s trackset. Skied the snowmobile grooming yesterday & still enjoyed it.

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