Best options for Saturday skiing

Upper Pocaterra should look like this today (file photo)

There is lots of new tracksetting to consider when deciding where to ski. The biggest concern today will be the temperature. At 8:45 a.m. It’s already +3 at Canmore. Mud Lake is at zero. Forecasts for PLPP are calling for +3. Even Lake Louise is supposed to hit positive territory with +1.

Lake Louise will be busy with Ice Magic. Stay away from the upper(Chateau) parking lots. That being said, the skiing is excellent and most trails should have good tracks. Pipestone has some pine needles in forested sections. 

The entire south end of PLPP has now been trackset within the last 36 hours. Last night’s tracksetting included Whiskey Jack, Tyrwhitt, Lookout, Hydroline, and Upper Pocaterra. 

Redearth Creek was trackset yesterday as was Lake O’Hara fire road. 

Mount Shark trails are in excellent condition with two-day-old tracksetting.

At Canmore Nordic Centre, Banff trail and Meadowview were groomed last night. The CNC weather station shows it’s already +3 at the daylodge. 

Cascade Valley was trackset on the 19th. Don’t forget about Upper Bankhead if you are a beginner skier and want an easy but very scenic trail to ski. 

Goat Creek is skiable if you’re desperate. The midle section sounds like it’s not too bad, but at each end you will have some challenging conditions. Arie’s report yesterday mentioned…

The snow is hardpacked and fast. The first few km have been trampled by hikers and snowshoers, but the snow is so hard that it did’t completely wreck the track. 

West Bragg Creek has some limited terrain “skiable with caution” snow, but use your rock skis. 

Kananaskis Village trails were thin last weekend but skiable. I imagine they have deteriorated with traffic. It will be warm there today. The Weather Network is predicting +8. 

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  1. Watridge Lake trail was awesome today. Had my sisters dog out for his first ski. Glad I brought the fish scales today.

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