Fast and fun at Lake Louise

As we’ve already heard on the trip reports from Pete and Kinga, conditions were excellent at Lake Louise. Pete described it well with “silky snow.”

Skiers on Fairview

With a snowfall warning in effect, I expect most of these trails will have fresh snow on them by tomorrow. 

The air temperature in mid-afternoon was -4 and the snow was -8. Fairview had a few cm of fresh snow over the latest tracksetting, but the tracks were still good. The snow on all the trails was fast. 

Cruising down Tramline

I had some welcome help climbing to the top of the Fairview hill as Kinga pulled me along. 

Excellent conditions on Moraine Lake road and Tramline(left)

Forecasts are calling for a good bit of snow at Lake Louise over the next 48 hours. Here are the predictions, in cm:

  •        29
  • Snow-Forecast  30
  • Ventusky           46
  • Weather Net      17

I would like to bring your attention to the comment from Pete…

Avalanche danger will be high to extreme over the next few days on the portion of Moraine Lake road beyond the tracksetting

“We discussed skiing all the way to Moraine lake when suddenly a very large avalanche came off of Mt. Temple crossing the road nearer to the lake and right to the valley bottom! Yikes! Decision made! Pay very close attention to the avalanche warning sign at the end of the grooming!”

According to the Avalanche Bulletin, the avalanche danger on Friday is rated at High and Extreme depending on elevation.

Owl strike near the Elk Pass/Blueberry Hill junction. Photo by Todd Werner.

Pipestone loop (#20) and Hector (#21)were trackset today at Lake Louise. 

We saw Chuck’s “Bird of Prey” photo from Cascade Valley yesterday. MaSid mentioned seeing an owl strike imprint in the snow beside the Elk Pass/Blueberry Hill picnic table. The photo at the right was taken by Todd Werner of the scene.


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