It’s a “good news” Saturday morning

Strathmore golf course. Photo by Ed Meyer.

Update Sunday Jan 20: Most of the trails at Mt Shark were trackset last night. Check the Live Grooming Report for details. 

Ray gave us the good news late last night that Lake O’Hara fire road is now trackset. He also added…

Lake O’Hara fire road. Photo by Ray.

“The snow is still very soft, and is really crowned in the middle in places, but the good news is the tracksetting is amazing.  The bad news is that a large group of tourists really churned up the centre, and seemed to enjoy walking on the tracksetting for the first couple of km.  The sleds a number of them were dragging behind them didn’t help, either.  After that the holes in the tracks are less frequent, but still do occur.  We did the best we could trying to fix it up, but expect bumps.”

Strathmore golf course. Photo by Ed Meyer.

Ed Meyer groomed the Strathmore golf course and remarked…

“The base out here held up surprisingly well throughout the last Chinook cycle and although the track set is still eluding us, the last snowfall has made the track skiable again.”

Strathmore golf course is off-leash dog-friendly and you’re requested to make a donation of $5 towards fuel und upkeep of the grooming equipment. 

Confederation golf course in Calgary was groomed yesterday and Jim Baerg commented…

“Just enough snow for good skiing. Trails had been groomed as of this afternoon.”

West Bragg Creek has some trails, albeit with thin snow, which are skiable. Check the reports from Mike W, JeremyN, and Groomer Jeff for details. 

In PLPP, Whiskey Jack, Packers, and Upper Pocaterra were trackset. Elk Pass and Tyrwhitt were trackset on Friday night, so conditions on the Tyrwhitt Loop should be excellent. 

Cascade Valley was trackset to the Cascade River bridge(6K). 

Lots of grooming and tracksetting overnight at the Canmore Nordic Centre. Check the Live Grooming Report for details.

There’s a bit of snow in the forecast for the mountains today, which is good news for the trails on the Lake Louise to Banff loppet course. There’s a snowfall warning for the Icefields Parkway. 

Loppet season is here. Next weekend is the Nipika Loppet

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  1. The snow on the driving range at Confederation Golf course was ok this morning, the tracks on the north side are showing some grass.

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