Monday night update

Moose at Mt. Shark Trailhead. Photo by Chuck.

The above photo was taken by Chuck as he started out on another epic ski trip today. 

With Chuck providing most of the photos and reports for this blog, I’m considering changing the name…

I am puzzled at the Banff trail report. On the top under recent grooming, it mentions “Jan 7 Goat Creek.” Further down, where it gives more details, it reports that Goat Creek condition is “Good,” but only indicates that it’s packed. There was plenty of snow to enable tracksetting so I wonder if it is just an omission in their report. Update: Thanks to Craig’s report, we now know that Goat Creek is trackset.

For the first time this winter some grooming has occurred on Bill Milne and the Wedge Connector

“Bill Milne south of the Kananaskis Golf Course and the Wedge Connector to Evan Thomas creek were rolled and are suitable for ski skating.

Some of the trails around the Kananaskis Village were refreshed with sporadic grooming and tracksetting. Kovach trail south of the Aspen junction is old grooming and very thin. Kovach North, Aspen, Kovach Lookout were all groomed and tracked where possible. Terrace and Terrace Link are re-groomed for ski skating.”

I would estimate about 4.5K would be rolled on Bill Milne and Wedge. 

In Yoho, Joe has started work on the Emerald Connector. From the Kicking Horse Ski Club update, it sounds like the Tally Ho trail was trackset today. 

Regarding the lack of grooming in PLPP,  they have been short staffed. Jody has been preoccupied with some other important duties which has cut into his time on the ‘cat. A new person is being trained and things should be back to normal very soon. 


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  1. A beautiful, picture postcard day in PLPP today. Cool start at minus 18 at 9:00, warming up to minus 10 this pm. Sadly, as skierbob informed us, grooming and track setting are seriously lacking. Elk pass grooming is covered by at least 10 cm of wobbly. washed out tracks. The North end of the park (around the Visitor Centre and Pocaterra lodge), has only skier set tracks over week old grooming. I look forward to seeing more frequent grooming in this area.

  2. Anybody have an update on when they might trackset in PLPP? We are skiing into Elk Lakes on Thursday and some tracksetting would be great!

  3. Chuck, Chuck, Chuck

  4. Goat creek was groomed and tracks today. Good conditions, a little thin for the first couple a km but got better as you skied west.

    Thanks for clarifying. As I was surmising, the Banff trail report should say “trackset” rather than “packed.” -Bob

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