Skiing on New Year’s Day

Bird of prey hit his mark! One of Chuck’s photos from Cascade Valley.

As we begin 2019, we’re still waiting for snow to arrive on a lot of our trails, and to top-up the trails which are marginal. Yes, we’re spoiled. We have excellent skiing already in PLPP and Lake Louise but we have big expectations for more!

Trails in Red Deer. Photo by Doug Connery

For example, I’d sure like to ski on some of these trails which have so far been devoid of adequate snow and/or tracksetting. Here’s my wish list for snow and tracksetting:

  • Goat Creek/Spray River
  • Bill Milne/Evan-Thomas/Wedge
  • Skogan Pass
  • Ribbon Creek
  • Healy Creek/Brewster Creek
  • Sandy McNabb
  • West Bragg Creek
  • CNC natural snow trails

“Paradise at Nipika Mountain Resort this weekend outside Radium, BC. So nice to find snow.” Photo by Tanya Koob.

I see from today’s trip reports that skiers are venturing out to new and unusual venues for some variety. 

Tanya Koob has all the details on her trip report from the Kootenays. Nipika was great, Panorama not so much. 

Chip: “Skiing Champion Lake. Gorgeous track and beautiful trees. Think about a SkierBob BC tour.”

Doug Connery went north to Red Deer and found some good snow and tracksetting. 

TZ has been enjoying two days of very good skiing at Allison Chinook trail system in the Crowsnest Pass.

Chip is also in the Kootenays for a few days.

With reports from Ray, Martine, and Chuck, we all know what we’re in for if we go to Cascade Valley. Chuck’s photos, are interesting as usual. 

Strathmore golf course is groomed but not trackset

All readers of this blog are grateful for every trip report especially if you encounter sketchy conditions. It helps us decide where to ski. 

Penny was enjoying the skate-skiing at Strathmore golf course

As for me, I was hoping for lots of skiing in West Bragg Creek with my dog this winter now that I’m in Calgary. After a few early-season trips in WBC, it is now unskiable until more snow arrives, although TC skied there today. Perhaps he said it best, “If you aren’t picky, it’s an option.” That applies to a lot of trails right now. 

Luckily, I’ve discovered Strathmore Golf Course which is only a 45-minute drive and that’s where I went for my first ski of the new year with Tessa. Bonus: we can get there without ever going on the Daytone 500 Trans Canada Highway. 

Martin and Jip at Strathmore golf course

I am surprised at how well the snow survived the warm weather and with a bit of new snow, the conditions are pretty nice at Strathmore. Ed Meyer groomed the trails yesterday and there is only the odd bit of grass poking through. 

Quite a few skiers were on the course including locals and people from Calgary. You’ll recognize the name of the the first person I ran into in the parking lot: it was Martin with his dog Jip. The trails were good for classic but would be even better for skating. The air temperature was +2 but the snow was cold and VR50(0/-4) performed well.

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